Digital Advertising & SEO/SEM Services

Solutions for a mobile first world.

Optimizing your brand for search engines and advertising requires evaluating all aspects of your brand, product, target and industry.

Your digital advertising begins with some serious white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is the act of altering specific content of your website and web presence in order to be ranked higher on favored keywords and topics when someone is using a browser for organic searches. This is your opportunity to get clicks for free, we make sure to structure it wisely and provide ongoing changes and connections as needed.  All businesses should have an SEO audit every six months or more. We always start a relationship with a free search engine optimization audit for anyone that is interested in our SEO services.

To keep things simple we have a systematic data-driven approach that includes a consultation and research based upon data. Our discovery process will lead you to rank higher and improved website UX/UI, Search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, Apps, social media, blogging, email, and paid advertising. We focus on the three pillars of search engine optimization that include on page, off page and technical SEO. Our model allows you to see the same data we are using to optimize your site. Additionally, we run competition analysis audits on your major competitors to see where you stand when it comes to search engine results. Ranking higher on Google organically is always the goal but specifically ranking in the top three under your most important keywords that generate the best conversions is paramount. We also practice all SEO services as Google White Hat standards. No need to worry about Google index banning with our tried and true methods.

We evaluate opportunities to utilize paid digital advertising in social media, pay per click, re-targeting, ad extensions, landing pages, re-marketing, banners, or whatever opportunity is most appropriate.  Our first goal is to optimize everything humanly and robotically possible. This is the reason SEO is first on our list before ever starting a paid campaign in order to save you time and money. We know that small businesses need to account for every marketing dollar spent. Our paid advertising will use data and AI to make sure your best converting ad is providing a positive ROI.

We know that content is the ruler of the internet.  Our content creation services include video, photo, blogging, social posting, slideshares, white pages and more. Digital content can include practically anything you find on the internet but we will research to determine the right types of content the will drive the best conversions for your brand. High quality original content is your best bet for brand growth and social media algorithms.  There are quite a few secrets to content creation, we know which ones are important. Combining your content with social media and specific apps is just one facet of the sphere we create for your brand. Click here to see more info about content creation.   

Diving deeper in SEO/SEM
We get asked a lot of questions about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.  The truth is that many of those questions are difficult to answer without doing a complete evaluation of the brand, industry, and consumer.  An SEO/SEM audit will give us results for keywords, links, and errors on your website but it is not the complete picture.  What most businesses lack is a complete situation analysis prior to ever touching the website. How we change and move forward from these results is what really matters. Generally speaking most businesses lack quality content that can meet their target consumer at various positions in the sales funnel. Most businesses don’t have enough hours in the day to create this content even if they know it is needed. Additionally, technical SEO is often a mystery or too time consuming for marketing teams to tackle. That is where Brand Spells comes in to help your team optimize all aspects of your digital presence with a SEO/SEM deep analysis.  

More than just SEO
We are more than just another company claiming to do SEO and then sub contracting it out to someone over seas only to fumble around and run some generic formulaic system that doesn’t drive results.  We are building the real content that search engines are looking to place at the top of the results pages all while strategically optimizing your existing digital presence.  With original relevant content you don’t have to worry about trying to pull one over on the search robots using black hat techniques that can get you banned. You will have everything you need to maintain your position at the top while following rules implemented to keep spamming and poor linkage out of your content.  Consistent relevant content creation is a must in this digital age and Brand Spells is here to help you make it.