Content Creation

Crafting our magic!

The demand for entertainment and information online creates an opportunity to connect with consumers in a creative way.  Original content such as text, images, PDF, slideshows, animations, video, and other forms of engagement are crucial to building long lasting relationships with your consumers. 

With online video expected to tie up 85% of all web traffic by 2020, we like to consider video content for just about any brand.  In addition, other forms of content allow your brand to operate as a sphere with many touch-points to meet your customers’ unique paths.  

You can make all the content in the world, but if your target can’t find it or it’s not strategically sound then you’re simply adding to the noise.  We ensure each piece of content is relevant to your audience.  

Top 10 reasons to use relevant video content in your advertising.

1. Higher search engine rank: pages that have video rank higher on search engines.
2. Video stimulates emotion and build relationships.
3. Longevity – video keeps working long after most static social media posts.
4. Currently no cost to upload, store, and link.
5. Interactivity and storytelling abilities.
6. Increase traffic: video typically receives at least 4 – 16 times more social media views and impressions
7. Stands out from your competitors – most brands think video is too much work or doesn’t fit their budget
8. Consider your target audience – your customers are expecting free content that is relevant to them.
9. Include mobile users – mobile users are heavily invested in watching videos for learning and entertainment.
10. Demonstrate or explain your product in a creative format 

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The Gear!

Brand Spells is more than just an advertising agency, we are a production company that owns all the high-end equipment to create beautiful photography, video, and design on a reasonable budget.  We know how to capture audio properly, and how to edit to completion. ​For the camera geeks we use Sony FS7, Sony F55, Nikon and Zeiss glass, Senheisser mics with proper anti wind blimps when necessary.  Need some lighting?  No problem, we use Profoto strobes, and tungsten or LED video lighting.  In addition to fancy sounding cameras we have all the grip equipment to create just about anything you can imagine.

Professional Production

Liven up your brand with a professional script and stunning visuals. Our fearless sage has two degrees and a certification in photography and multimedia production.  We know how to direct a project from pre-production to final edit, sound and effects. The planning and production doesn’t have to be complex for content marketing, it just has to be strategically sound and directed to your target user.  

In a crowded marketplace? No problem, creative content can help you stand out.  
We provide quality and strategically focused conten

We have a spell book (also called Understanding Content for Apprentices) to answer the questions below.

  1. How much content does a brand need to create?
  2. What sort of content should my brand provide?
  3. Do I have to give away my secrets?
  4. Is there more value in video content?
  5. What strategy should I use in content marketing?
  6. How does content marketing work?
  7. What is my ROI on cornerstone content?
  8. How do we measure usage of the content?
  9. Do I need a large budget for content creation?
  10. Can I afford content creation?

Our production team is right here in South Carolina.