Data-driven strategy to guide creative services for conversions and a greater ROI for your business. Brand optimization across the digital ecosystem is always the first step.

Optimizing your brand for search engines and advertising requires evaluating all aspects of your brand, product, target, and industry.

Your digital advertising begins with some serious white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is the act of planning and creating specific content for your website and web presence in order to be ranked higher on favored keywords and topics when someone is using a browser for organic searches. This is your opportunity to get clicks for free, we make sure to structure it wisely and provide ongoing changes and connections as needed.  All businesses should have an SEO audit every six months or more. We always start a relationship with a search engine optimization audit for anyone that is interested in our SEO services.

To keep things simple we have a systematic data-driven approach that can determine your immediate and long-term business needs based upon your goals. Our discovery process will lead you to rank higher and improve website UX/UI, Search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, social media, blogging, email, and paid advertising. We focus on the three pillars of search engine optimization which include on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Our model allows you to see the same data we are using to optimize your site. Additionally, we run competition analysis audits on your major competitors to see where you stand when it comes to search engine results. Ranking higher on Google organically is always the goal but specifically ranking in the top three under your most important keywords that generate the best conversions is paramount. We also practice all SEO services as Google White Hat standards. No need to worry about Google index banning with our tried and true methods.

We evaluate opportunities to utilize paid digital advertising in social media, pay-per-click, maximize conversions, re-marketing, ad extensions, landing pages, banners, or whatever opportunity is most appropriate.  Our first goal is to optimize everything humanly and robotically possible. This is the reason SEO is first on our list before ever starting a paid campaign in order to save you time and money. We know that small businesses need to account for every marketing dollar spent. Our paid advertising will use data and AI to make sure your best-converting ad is providing a positive ROI.

We know that content is the ruler of the internet.  Our content creation services include video, photo, graphics, blogging, social posting, slide shares, white pages, and more. Digital content can include practically anything you find on the internet but we will research to determine the right types of content that will drive the best conversions for your brand. High-quality original content is your best bet for brand growth and social media algorithms.  There are quite a few secrets to content creation, we know which ones are important. Combining your content with social media and specific apps is just one facet of the sphere we create for your brand. Click here to see more info about content creation.

Diving deeper into SEO/SEM
We get asked a lot of questions about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.  The truth is that many of those questions are difficult to answer without doing a complete evaluation of the brand, industry, and consumer. An SEO/SEM audit will give us results for keywords, links, and errors on your website but it is not the complete picture.  What most businesses lack is a complete audit and situation analysis prior to ever touching the website. How we change and move forward from these results is what really matters. Generally speaking, most businesses lack quality content that can meet their target consumer at various positions in the sales funnel. Most businesses don’t have enough hours in the day to create this content even if they know it is needed. Additionally, technical SEO is often a mystery or too time-consuming for marketing teams to tackle. That is where Brand Spells comes in to help your team optimize all aspects of your digital presence with an SEO/SEM deep analysis.

More than just SEO
We are more than just another company claiming to do SEO and then subcontracting it out to someone overseas only to fumble around and run some generic formulaic system that doesn’t drive results. We are building the real content that search engines are looking to place at the top of the results pages all while strategically optimizing your existing digital presence. With original relevant content, you don’t have to worry about trying to pull one over on the search robots using black hat techniques that can get you banned. You will have everything you need to maintain your position at the top while following rules implemented to keep spamming and poor linkage out of your content.  Consistent relevant content creation is a must in this digital age and Brand Spells is here to help you make it.

Content is king, we can deliver organic digital growth through content that is relevant to your consumers.  A solid communication strategy and execution are required!

Crafting our magic!

The demand for entertainment and information online creates an opportunity to connect with consumers in a creative way.  Original content such as text, images, PDF, slideshows, animations, infographics, video, and other forms of engagement are crucial to building long-lasting relationships with your consumers.

With online video expected to tie up 85% of all web traffic by 2025, we like to consider video content for just about any brand. In addition, other forms of content allow your brand to operate as a sphere with many touch-points to meet your customers’ unique paths.

You can make all the content in the world, but if your target can’t find it or it’s not strategically sound then you’re simply adding to the noise. We ensure each piece of content is relevant to your audience.

Top 10 reasons to use relevant video content in your advertising.
1. Higher search engine rank: pages that have video rank higher on search engines.
2. Video stimulates emotion and builds memorable relationships.
3. Longevity – video keeps working long after most static social media posts.
4. Currently no cost to upload, store, and link.
5. Interactivity and storytelling capabilities.
6. Increase traffic: videos typically receive 4 – 16 times more social media engagement and impressions
7. Stands out from your competitors – most brands think video is too much work or doesn’t fit their budget
8. Consider your target audience – your customers are expecting free content that is relevant to them.
9. Include mobile users – mobile users are heavily invested in watching videos for learning and entertainment.
10. Demonstrate or explain your product in a creative format

The Gear!
Brand Spells is more than just an advertising agency, we are a production company that owns all the high-end equipment to create beautiful photography, video, and design on a reasonable budget.  We know how to capture audio properly, and how to edit to completion. ​For the camera geeks, we use Sony FX9, and SonyA74 cameras. Audio is professionally captured with Senheisser mics and proper anti-wind blimps when necessary.  Need some lighting?  No problem, we use Profoto strobes and LED video lighting.  In addition to fancy-sounding cameras, we have all the grip equipment to create just about anything you can imagine.

Professional Production
Liven up your brand with a professional script and stunning visuals. Our fearless sage has two degrees and a certification in commercial photography and multimedia production.  We know how to direct a project from pre-production to the final edit, sound, and effects. The planning and production doesn’t have to be complex for content marketing, it just has to be strategically sound and directed to your target audience.

In a crowded marketplace? No problem, creative content can help you stand out.
We provide quality and strategically focused content.

We have a spell book to answer the questions below.

How much content does a brand need to create?
What sort of content should my brand provide?
Do I have to give away my secrets?
Is there more value in video content?
What strategy should I use in content marketing?
How does content marketing work?
What is my ROI on cornerstone content?
How do we measure the usage of the content?
Do I need a large budget for content creation?
Can I afford content creation?

We plan advertising campaigns to optimize your dollars based upon solid research, strategy and creative execution.  SEO is always at the foundation of our campaign plan.

Research, strategy and execution foundations.

An advertising campaign plan is typically set up to solve a marketing problem.  The needs of a business can range from increasing sales, creating brand awareness, educating the consumer, generating leads, and more.

From research and strategy to implementation and evaluation, we cover your entire campaign.  Our focus is on brand-building in a rational and measurable manner, the end result is a lasting relationship with your customers.

A campaign plan must be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely).  We encourage our clients to plan in advance, but to also be fluid when opportunities arise.

We can help you determine why and how to spend your dollars in addition to tracking valuable data that helps make informed decisions for future strategies. We implement the latest in digital marketing tools to assist in market evaluation. Data analytics is at the core of every campaign. We can even build a proprietary system specific to your business needs. Our young wizards are currently available to work independently or in collaboration with your team.

With so many different media options, it can be tricky to find the right balance of pathways for your brand, Just a few examples of media used to send your message:

Content creation, Digital Advertising, Display, Events, Landing pages, Outdoor, Print, Radio, Search Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Streaming, Trade Shows, TV (Broadcast, Cable, and Connected), Video ads, Web

Brands spells also implements the latest in digital marketing tools to assist in market evaluation.  Data science is at the core of every campaign.  We can even build a proprietary system specific to your business needs.

Our young wizards are currently available to work independently or in collaboration with your team.

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What’s your brand’s personality? How do your customers perceive your brand from the beginning of the relationship to the loyalty stage?  Does your identity have lasting power? Our graphic designers can create logos, stationary, websites and entire brand identity systems to make you stand out from the competition. Website design requires a fast mobile first approach that we always achieve.

A logo is often times cited as the branding of a company, but there’s much more to a brand.  Let’s start with personality, purpose, and story as the main ingredients.  Then we add a pinch of awareness, education, and trial to make meaningful connections.

What is Branding?
A brand is what determines the personality and culture of your company, and how it’s differentiated from the competition.  A brand is the reason you like a particular automobile, shop in specific stores, and identify yourself as part of a subculture.

Brand identity is made of specific colors, images, fonts, voice, smells, and purpose. You also have a brand story that needs to be told, and contemporary advertising includes your customers in that story through engagement.

Can you stand out from the crowd and create your own following or grow your business?  Are all of your employees representing your brand properly? We create a custom guide to help our clients build a solid foundation in branding, we start with internal communication and look outward from there.

columbia south carolina ad agency science communication services

Your research team is brilliant, they’ve discovered breakthrough concepts.  Our goal is to get your team the press required to start the donation dollars flowing.  Answering the next big question should not be restricted to personal funding or obscure grants that fund 5% of submissions.  We know the academic world inside and out. We help you spend your time on what really matters.

What would a spell caster be without a good foundation in science?  Our science communication skills go beyond the laboratory with complete identity and branding opportunities for scientific businesses, organizations, groups, and universities. We can help you budget for grant writing, film in-depth interviews, disseminate complex information in accessible terms, and bring recognition to your work. Our team has worked with scientists researching controversial issues, guiding those scientists on brand communication, interviewing techniques, presentations to non-academic audiences, and controlled media interviews.  Branding can help you secure external funding by properly communicating the importance of your work to a target audience. We strive to disseminate your information while engaging your target audience.

Our academic experience is vast, but we believe in teamwork.  At Brand Spells, we have access to a team of researchers that have been using video as data for many years with published peer-reviewed articles on the topic.  They have been our loyal consultants and sorcerers in research design that include video as data, Grounded Theory Methodology, Ethnography, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods. Communication for science still needs content creation and optimization that we discuss in the various other sections of our website. We love to communicate scientific research to the public, we can help you itemize Brand Spells in the budget for your next grant, to learn more contact us today.


columbia south carolina ad agency trade show services

Relationships can often begin at trade shows of all sizes. Find your target and beat your competitors right across the room with the best strategy, booth design, and collateral for your brand. Ensure your team is well-trained and equipped with persuasive communication skills to make the most out of every interaction. Discover the best methods for capturing leads and nurturing prospect customers into clientele.

Magic beyond potions and brews.

B-2-B or business-to-consumer, we strive to create a trade show experience that engages your prospects with your brand. A trade show booth is just the start, and yes, it should look amazing.  However, you also have to consider digital signage, collateral material, and holding content that will keep the prospects at bay while you spend personal time with each interested party. We all know that capturing information at trade shows is crucial, but do you know the best strategy to get those prospects into your CRM and moving through your sales funnel?

What’s important at your trade show exhibit?
1.  Set clear goals and make sure the show is right for your brand
2. Try to snag some earned media with early press releases and media kits ahead of the show
3. Visit the show before choosing to exhibit when possible
4. Hire a designer and plan your booth and collateral material, rehearse scripts with colleagues
5. Offer prospects something memorable when they walk near your booth–contest, gift, something unique
6. Capture names and contact info, some businesses will discreetly rate the prospects during the capture
7. Don’t forget to network with other exhibitors to create allies within your industry
8. Hold the prospects at your booth just long enough to take your call later the next week
9. Invite major prospects to a meal with an available sales rep or admin
10. Use custom content to follow up with the leads you captured

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We are your marketing and advertising team!

One of the core fundamental jobs of any business is marketing and advertising.  Small business owners struggle to find the time and knowledge to implement advertising strategies that truly drive results, especially in the digital ecosystem. Since 2013, our services help you spend advertising dollars in media that offer the best ROI.

You know your profession yet you struggle to get results from advertising and marketing tactics because there is just too much to learn before launching a campaign these days. Trusting your advertising dollars to a fly-by-night company or media-based company has been your only experience that has driven dismal results or maybe you don’t even know if it worked. We offer a no-fluff straight forward data-driven advertising services that will fuel your business growth.

If you want results, we would love to work with you. Just sit back and let us show you how.

We’ve worked with clients of all sizes in the past.  From fortune 500 brands to the smallest mom-and-pop shops that have a great service or product and want to stay focused on what they do best.

Count on Brand Spells to become your marketing team.

Our Approach

Brand Spells is an advertising and content creation agency located in Columbia, SC.  We’re building long-lasting relationships with business owners, agencies, and marketing teams located in the United States. We have 18 years of experience working with brands of all sizes.

Meet The Team

Jeff is Brand Spells’ marketing director, known for his practical approach to SEO/SEM, content creation, digital advertising, and data-driven strategy. Jeff is a data analytics wizard with the knowledge and ability to use pretty much any Adobe product or camera rig required to complete a project. With a can-do attitude, this is the guy you want on your side for pretty much anything advertising related.

Jeff is one of those unique characters that have the data analytics plus the creative vision to execute a rock-solid campaign. He can tell you great stories about accidentally falling into the advertising industry 20 years ago and running a production studio that started in his college apartment yet eventually grew up to play with big brands.

His experience as a university professor of advertising allows him to blend theory and practice, creating unique opportunities and connections for clients. When you deal with him you know from day one that this is not a turn-and-burn marketer, he approaches every business as if it were his own and will help you rebuild your brand or launch you into your next growth cycle.

James Cooper is our fearless copywriter, research assistant, and social media guru. James understands digital advertising and can conjure up a fully functioning direct-to-consumer or lead-generation spell in a matter of seconds. He loves to be a part of the latest trends in advertising and looks for new opportunities to grow any business.   James is an Adobe software wizard which makes for amazing software geek conversations around the office. After spending 15 years in advertising as a copywriter, James decided working strictly on his own would be more enjoyable, so he left his industry job and here he is today, helping small and medium businesses and having the time of his life doing it.

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We work with businesses of all sizes! If you own a small business we can become your marketing department. If you are a large business we can work with your client-side team or agency.

Every business can use a new perspective from an outside marketing and advertising company.

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