Branded Video Content Creation

When planning your 2019 marketing strategy, it is important to consider content creation that includes video. If a picture says 1,000 words, a video says much more!  Sometimes the best approach is to educate or entertain to break through the advertising clutter.  Engagement with relevant content will allow you to make a deeper connection with potential clients.

Video should probably be an integral piece of your marketing strategy today. Especially when you consider Cisco predicts that streaming video will make up 80 percent globally of all Internet traffic by 2019 and 85% in the United States . If video isn’t a part of your marketing campaign now, you will be playing a difficult game of catch-up in a few years.

If you are not sure where to start with video marketing, don’t just toss up some videos and see what happens. That can actually harm your brand. It’s important to choose a style that fits your brand culture so that your videos are an extension of your brand. Going the extra mile to create videos doesn’t have to be complicated. Some great informative videos can be shot with your cell phone and edited with an app. But in addition to these simple videos your brand can extend their presence with something more professional as a cornerstone content piece that does have a higher production value. The most important aspect is to avoid really low quality videos where the audio is terrible and the video resolution is lower than HD.

But videos do not have to be funny or cute, as long as they solve a problem your prospect customer is having. YouTube is laden with cooking, educational, and DIY how-to channels for a reason. Humans are visual creatures. We learn by seeing and then doing.

At Brand Spells, we are currently working with individual brands and other ad agencies to create quality videos with great audio and fantastic color rendition.  When we planned our agency, we decided to utilize our extensive experience in production by focusing on branded content creation.  With the need for branded video content climbing,  agencies are choosing to keep us on retainer for quick productions. The agency game is changing as usual, and we know how to work with our clients or ad agencies to get results that clients are demanding.
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