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Brand Spells is an advertising and content creation agency located in Columbia, SC.  We’re building long lasting relationships with business owners, agencies and marketing teams located in Columbia, SC and beyond.  We have 18 years of experience working with brands of all sizes.

We’re your marketing team for digital advertising and content creation designed to grow your business.

Meet the Team

Jeff Williams, MFA, CPP

Jeff is Brand Spells’ creative director, known for his hands-on approach to content creation, digital advertising, and data driven strategy.  Jeff is an adobe software wizard with the knowledge and ability to use pretty much any software required to complete a project.  With a can-do attitude this is the guy you want on your side for pretty much anything advertising related.

Jeff is one of those unique characters that has one foot in the world of academia and the other in business.  He can tell you great stories about accidentally falling into the advertising industry 20 years ago and running a production studio that started in his college apartment yet eventually grew up to play with big brands.

Jeff also has past and current experience as a university professor of advertising, where he blends theory and practice, creating nimble apprentices.  Academia led him to deeply understand science communication through collaborations that continue today.  Jeff currently teaches advertising courses at the University of South Carolina and previously taught at the University of Florida and The University of Texas at Arlington.

His experience with professional cameras has been nearly lifelong, from his study of fine arts and electronic media  at the University of Florida  to working in the industry with clients of all sizes.   In his spare time, he likes to take part in film and fine art creation.

James Cooper

James Cooper is our fearless strategist, research assistant, and social media guru.  James understands digital advertising and can conjure up a fully functioning direct to consumer or inbound spell in a matter of seconds. He loves to be a part of the latest trends in advertising and looks for new opportunities to grow any business.   James is an adobe software wizard which makes for amazing software geek conversations around the office. After spending 15 years in the advertising business as a copywriter, James decided it would be more enjoyable to work strictly on social media.

Sabrina Williams, Ph.D

Sabrina is our account planner that focuses on the data that drives our digital advertising strategies.  She actually has more degrees than she wanted us to list on here.  Let’s just say she seems like the academic geek type at first until you crack open that egg that holds her creative wisdom along with the bookworm knowledge.  She loves developing strategy that comes from data insights–– she calls it creative thinking, we call it magic.  She also has a background in creative services which is where she began her career almost two decades ago.

The Brand Spells team is here to help your business grow!

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Email: jeff@brandspells.com

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