Magic beyond potions and brews.

    B-2-B or business-to-consumer, we strive to create a trade show experience that engages your prospects with your brand. A trade show booth is just the start, and yes, it should look amazing.  However, you also have to consider digital signage, collateral material, and holding content that will keep the prospects at bay while you spend personal time with each interested party. We all know that capturing information at trade shows is crucial, but do you know the best strategy to get those prospects into your CRM and moving through your sales funnel?  

    What’s important at your trade show exhibit?
    1.  Set clear goals and make sure the show is right for your brand
    2. Try to snag some earned media with early press releases and media kits ahead of the show
    3. Visit the show before choosing to exhibit when possible
    4. Hire a designer and plan your booth and collateral material, rehearse scripts with colleagues
    5. Offer prospects something memorable when they walk near your booth–contest, gift, something unique
    6. Capture names and contact info, some businesses will discreetly rate the prospects during the capture
    7. Don’t forget to network with other exhibitors to create allies within your industry
    8. Hold the prospects at your booth just long enough to take your call later the next week 
    9. Invite major prospects to a meal with an available sales rep or admin
    10. Use custom content to follow up with the leads you captured