What would a spellcaster be without a good foundation in science?  Our science communication skills go beyond the laboratory with complete identity and branding opportunities for scientific businesses, organizations, groups, and universities. We can help you budget for grant writing, film in-depth interviews, disseminate complex information in accessible terms, and bring recognition to your work. Our team has worked with scientists researching controversial issues, guiding those scientists on brand communication, interviewing techniques, presentations to non-academic audiences, and controlled media interviews.  Branding can help you secure external funding by properly communicating the importance of your work to a target audience. We strive to disseminate your information while engaging your target audience.

Our academic experience is vast, but we believe in teamwork.  At Brand Spells, we have access to a team of researchers that have been using video as data for many years with published peer-reviewed articles on the topic.  They have been our loyal consultants and sorcerers in research design that include video as data, Grounded Theory Methodology, Ethnography, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods. Communication for science still needs content creation and optimization that we discuss in the various other sections of our website. We love to communicate scientific research to the public, we can help you itemize Brand Spells in the budget for your next grant, to learn more contact us today.