Branding & Identity

A logo is often times cited as the branding of a company, but there’s much more to a brand.  Let’s start with personality, purpose, and story as the main ingredients.  Then we add a pinch of education and make meaningful connections.

What is Branding?
A brand is what determines the personality and culture of your company, and how it’s differentiated from the competition.  A brand is the reason you like a particular automobile, shop in specific stores, and identify yourself as part of a subculture. 

Brand identity is made of specific colors, images, fonts, voice, and purpose. You also have a brand story that needs to be told, and contemporary advertising includes your customers in that story through engagement.  

Can you stand out from the crowd and create your own following or grow your business?  Are all of your employees representing your brand properly? We create a custom guide to help our clients build a solid foundation in branding, we start with internal communication and branch out from there.